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"Ochrona Przeciwpożarowa" (Fire Protection) is a periodical published by SITP Stowarzyszenie Inżynierów i Techników Pożarnictwa (The Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians).

Its first issue was published in September, 2002. Since that time, consecutive issues have been published regularly, every quarter, in the first days of March, June, September and December. They are available only on subscription or can be purchased on-line.

The quarterly is an expert periodical, it is a source of modern technical knowledge as regards fire protection. Articles published in it deal with many legal issues, but always approach them from the practical side. We put a large emphasis on their usability as we want them to serve a wide range of readers interested in many aspects of facility fire safety.

"Ochrona Przeciwpożarowa" (Fire Protection) is a periodical meant for, first of all:

  •    fire safety measures experts,
  •    fire prevention specialists, including firemen performing inspection and reconnaissance activities,
  •     fire protection and industrial safety inspectors,
  •    real estate owners and managers, particularly those of public use buildings, group residence buildings, health service, etc.
  •    designers,
  •    employees of architectural and building administration and building supervision authorities,
  • but also for other people who use their knowledge of fire protection issues at work.

Individual sections feature, in particular, articles on:

Fire protection in the building industry:

  •     ways to meet the fire safety requirements specified in technical and building regulations,
  •     facility design on the basis of fire engineering principles,
  •     fire resistance of building structure components,
  •     protection of escape routes against smoke logging due to the needs of fire protection.

Fire and failure prevention:
  •   protecting technological processes against fire,
  •    protecting forests against fire,
  •    preventing serious industrial failures
  •    explosion threat assessment
  •    protecting technical systems against fire
  •     protecting liquid fuel bases and stations

Technical fire protection measures
  •     principles of design of fire protection devices and systems,
  •   ways of use and supervision over the condition of fire protection devices and devices influencing the fire safety,
  •    principles of integration and cooperation between technical systems and fire systems,
Scientific and technical information:
  •    current information on publication of new legal acts influencing the fire protection field (Polish and foreign standards, acts, regulations and amendments to them, etc.)
  •  coverage on important technical conferences and simposia, in Poland and abroad
Rescue actions:
  •  coverage on fires as regards resulting conclusions for designers and experts, but also preventive and rescue actions,
Fire protection abroad:
  •  ways of providing fire protection abroad
However, in the sections:

Expert's advice:
  •    We suggest interpretations concerning specific legal issues
  •   … and sometimes, we provide ready solutions

Readers' corner
  •  We publish polemic letters sent to our editorial office and answer questions asked by our readers
  • We discuss inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the regulations, pointed out by our readers